Programming and My Other Passion 11

Posted by mikong on July 24, 2008

I sometimes wanted to write an article about Go (board game) in this development blog, but I could never justify it. But now that a couple of Ruby/Rails blogs posted articles this year relating programming to Go, I finally have an excuse. :)

The first article is from the O’Reilly Ruby blog entitled “Ruby Conferences vs. Go Tournaments”. The other one is from the Rails Spikes blog, “Why programmers should play Go”, which Fabio Akita even translated to Portuguese (with additional notes) in his Akita on Rails blog. Check them out!

I was pleasantly surprised to find that these developers also have passions for both Go and programming and even went so far as comparing them. Previously, the only way I could think of linking the two was to create a Go program using Ruby. But now that I think about it, it seems like they’re connected on a deeper level.

Go and programming are my passions that take up most of my time. It has been a real struggle to balance the two. Every time I program too much, I would start to miss Go and do my best to find time for it. At times it’s the other way around. And then I just realized, I started to learn both Ruby and Go at about the same time (end of December 2006). I even joined the Philippine Ruby Users Group (PhRUG) and started the Philippine Go Association mailing list at about those times too. A coincidence? I THINK NOT!

If you don’t know Go, I encourage you to read about it. If you’re a fellow PhRUG member who knows Go and wants to play a game with me, or wants to learn it, you can send me an email through the group. Or just join our Go mailing list.